Meet the (SLH Class) Teachers 

 Our teachers all share one thing in common: a passion for swing dance. Teachers vary with each lesson series   depending on availability. In order to see who's teaching, check out our current class offerings! 

Jenn Mynhardt

Jenn fell in love with swing dance as soon as she realized her natural clumsiness in lindy hop was just called "stylization" (don't worry, she is now less clumsy). Since then she's been dancing it up in places throughout Western Canada, London (England), and New Zealand. Her favourite part about the dance is its allowance for personal expression and her personal dance motto is to "just keep smiling and have fun."

Mary Saunders 

Growing up in British Columbia, Mary had the joy of being surrounded by the arts from a young age. Though her previous education left her well versed in various types of dance and music, she only had the opportunity to discover and explore her love for swing dance once she moved to Saskatoon to further her education. Since then she’s had the opportunity to learn from international instructors, compete in competitions across Canada, and reminisce about how blissful life was before she knew what -50°C felt like. Mary feels excited to keep sharing her love of dance as an instructor, and to continue growing and learning as a dancer.

Arthur Proctor 

Arthur joined the U of S Swing Dance club for something to do when he started university, and it quickly consumed his life. Arthur has participated in workshops throughout western Canada, as well as in the USA, and the Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden. In addition to Lindy hop, Arthur dances blues, balboa, and has recently started Kizomba. While he loves dance, Arthur is also passionate about swing music and the Saskatoon Lindy Hop community.