Code of Conduct for Saskatoon Lindy Hop


Saskatoon Lindy Hop (SLH) reserves the right to sanction or expel dancers without refund if dancers persist in behaviours counter to this Code of Conduct. Furthermore, SLH reserves the right to refuse entry to participants who continually break the Code of Conduct on the grounds of ensuring the comfort and security of other participants. Removed participants and members will not be refunded any dance, registration, or membership fees.


SLH is dedicated to providing as safe and comfortable a dance experience as possible for everyone, regardless of gender and gender identity, age, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion (or lack thereof).

Respect people and property at SLH events. Respect everyone’s rights; accept differences. Everyone has the right to say no to a dance, and to change their minds after saying “yes”, even mid-dance; no justification is necessary. If someone says no to you, please accept their answer. SLH permits no outside alcohol or illegal drugs.

For more information about Safer Spaces at SLH, check out our Safer Spaces page.


  1. NO AERIALS on the social dance floor; only in jam circles, with your partner’s consent.

  2. Respect YOUR PARTNER’S COMFORT. Everyone has unique personal space needs and dance experience levels. Do not use force.

  3. APOLOGIZE if you make contact with anyone’s personal areas, or collide with other dancers.

  4. TELL SOMEONE if something makes you feel unsafe. If someone is hurting you or making you uncomfortable, please let them know if you feel able to do so; if not, or if they continue or escalate their behaviour, tell an SLH board member about it. If you observe unsafe, threatening, or abusive behaviour, report it to an SLH board member. If something makes you feel unsafe, please tell a board member if you can, or privately contact SLH later.


  • Talk to an SLH board member. Ask for them at the DJ table or admissions table.
  • Email the SLH board at



  1. Always be respectful of other dancers.

  2. If you’re not sure if something is okay, ask.

  3. When you are comfortable doing so, ask someone new to dance, or chat with someone you don’t know yet.

  4. Don’t drink to excess before dancing.