The Whos and Whats

Who We Are

Saskatoon Lindy Hop Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer run organization dedicated to promoting vintage style swing and jazz dancing, and the swing and blues music that goes with it, around Saskatoon and area. Founded in 2010, Saskatoon Lindy Hop organizes dozens of social swing dances and special events throughout the year. The styles of dance promoted by Saskatoon Lindy Hop developed primarily from the 1920's through the 1940's in the juke joints and ballrooms of America. For more information about swing dance and swing dance styles, feel free to look at our page Swing Dace: A Brief History (please keep in mind - it is indeed brief!). 



What We Dance

While our organization is called Saskatoon Lindy Hop, our community participates in all sorts of swing dance styles! If you're curious about what dances fall under the "swing dance" category, take a look at some examples below:


Lindy Hop: A fluid dance that can alternate easily between flashy and simple moves. Footwork patterns can vary between 6-count Lindy Hop and 8-count Lindy Hop, and dancers often alternate between the two. Lindy Hop is known for its syncopated beat: 1, 2, 3+4, 5, 6, 7+8.


20's Charleston: A fun, flashy dance that originated in the Roaring 20's and was iconized by flapper girls, speakeasys, and fast swing music. 


30's Charleston: An energetic, vibrant dance that evolved from 20's Charleston. While similar in pace to 20's Charleston, 30's Charleston is unique in its heavy use of kick-steps.

Blues: The exact opposite of Charleston. Blues dancing is slow and methodical, embodying the smoothness of blues music. 

Balboa: A dance best described as subtle and sassy. Balboa involves intricate footwork while keeping a relatively stable upper frame. Balboa is best danced to swing music colloquially referred to as "Django-style jazz" but is also popular for dancing to swing-era big band music.